Friday, March 9, 2012

Roman Architecture

Council of Nicaea

Click on this brief expalantion of the role and signficance of the Council of Nicaea.


The first link is a more theologically detailed look at Constantine. The second is an examination of Constantine relative to the movie "The Da Vinci Code."


A brief lecture on Diocletian's division of the Empire:

The Romans in Palestine

Emperor Titus who led the Roman forces in the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 CE.

The famous western (or "wailing") wall, all that remains of Herod's Temple.


The Rise of the "Permanet Great Man"

To the left is the "modified" bust of Pompey (who was quite bald and, apparently, very vain).

Julius Caesar

Augustus (Octavian) Caesar

Punic Wars

Southern Italy

Second Punic War

Hannibal Barca

Crossing the Rhone River

The Battle of Cannae

Ancient Rome Origin Myths

Aeneas escapes a burning Troy with his father (literally) in tow.

In this bust, Aeneas escapes with idols of the family gods.

An obviously ravenous Romulus and Remus, with the famous She-Wolf.

A mapof the famous Seven Hills of Rome

Ancient Italy

In lecture we looked at the values reflected in Rome's origin myths. Keep these in mind as you view the two links below:

Romulus and "wolf" link

Aeneas link